Friday, September 26, 2014

Big Y Roasters and more shopping..............

The last time they had roasters advertised at .88 a pound I had some problems.  They couldn't seem to decide which roasters (big roasters or those labeled roasting chickens) were the one's on sale.  I was quite frustrated, and voiced my whining via this blog.

So, when I got home from a work/leisure NYC long weekend (varying portions were obligations for both DH and myself) I was excited but cautious when I saw their flyer for the sale starting yesterday. I went right to work Tuesday from arriving back home from the busy weekend (Over 50K steps in 48 hours, I was hurting)  Wednesday was get caught up on laundry and rest before going back to studio.  I had guilt about that, but DD convinced me it was ok to just sit on couch and read for my class work (went back to college too, AGAIN!)

I had already been to the produce market (just lots of veggies and flax wraps, sourdough bread and a pound of their tuna salad)  No reduced produce on a Thursday that I would even get closer to look at, definitely know it's Mon/Tues for the best choices.  So full price for everything, $34.00.

BJ's warehouse, their 50 percent off special on Real Food Made Simple breakfast wraps was ending this Sunday.  DD let me know that she liked the turkey sausage one's better than the southwest veggie one's.  We needed milk too, so I swung into their lot.  Gallon of Milk 1 percent (2.99), Levi's rye bread (2.99) 6 boxes of the wraps (29.94, a lot I know, comes to .84 cents per breakfast...)  DD and I spoke about trying to make them ourselves and freezing them, need to look into that.  Pound of Italian Hard Salami sliced thin.  (6.49)  $42.41, the smallest total I have ever had here.

So, on the way to studio Thursday, I allowed 30 minutes for Big Y.  Got three cases of water (10.00 plus deposit, Now waiting for these grocery store prices on cases of water is cheaper than buying from the warehouse store (unless they have a coupon.....BJ's went way up on their cases of water) and then trudged back to the meat cases.  There was the sign!  There were the chickens.  No other chickens to be seen.  These were the huge roasters.  I tried not to get too excited.  No limits posted, but I figured I could come again a different day.  I put two in the cart.

YAY!!!!!  They rang up correctly.

On the way back home from the studio (I have bitten off way more than I can handle this year, Thurs I'm teaching til 830, Friday is 10 a.m. to 8:30 and Saturdays first student is 8 am.)  I am grateful I can physically still do it.....and will continue to feel blessed that I love what I do....but need to be very careful to balance studio and home, leisure and work.   Started my own renewed education path (I'm figuring if I finish, 10 years nice and slow) exercise, saving money, Sunday adventures with DH.  Up to 85 private students starting in October, ensembles and the preschool classes have all started this month.  Newborn/Parent bonding classes start next week.  

Sorry, got off on a tangent there.  Back to driving home.  Stopped in again at Big Y, three more cases of water (I plan on doing this each time I drive by) and two more chickens (they had restocked the case)  Still ringing up correctly!

So the freezers are stocked with 4 nice roasters.  I hope to get one more to actually roast on Monday.  Then make stock over night in the crockpot with the bones.

I'm satisfied.  No more shopping needed (Unless we count the new CD player I had to purchase as one of the studios bit the dust)

Enjoy the deal finding!

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