Friday, August 29, 2014

Dollar Tree and this and that.

Thank you Carol of!    I have run into this store for decorating or school supplies, but never ventured far beyond those two sections.

I happily spent $13.00 today.  4 cartons of broth, 2 boxes of muellers pot sized noodles, 2 large cartons of goldfish crackers and 6 wired rolls of fall patterned ribbon.  $8 for the food.

I can see huge potential with this store, and it's on my route of Target/Petco/BJ's Warehouse.  So convenient.  I didn't have much time today, but went specifically to find broth.  I found a name I didn't know, but it was a good date and USA made (Virginia)  They also had Swanson cartons of vegetable broth, but was short dated, just til the end of October.

I will be back, and scour the entire store with a fine toothed comb.

I haven't had to purchase much.  I did buy some discounted bratwurst (2 six pack) and smoked kielbasi (6 pounds) that was about to go to sell by date.  I froze it all.  $16.00.

I did go to the farmers market (City Seed) and I spent $20.00.  Pickling cukes, perpetual spinach (a cross between swiss chard and spinach) some beautiful onions, corn, three beautiful slicing tomatoes, two zucchini and some gorgeous big blackberries and purple chinese long beans.  Usual treat for DH from Sono Bakery.

BJ's warehouse.  Don Michael breakfast burritos 6 pack 5.99 after coupon.  Three 6 packs of real simple frozen breakfast burritos (two eggwhite turkey sausage and one eggwhite veggie) for $4.99 each after month long special pricing.  Good to have on hand for DD when she does a split shift. $21.00

Produce market.  Local bakery chabasa bread and a national whole wheat loaf.  $6.00

$71.00 total spent

I also received from studio families half dozen fresh eggs, purple beans, a dozen ears of corn, several pounds of heirloom tomatoes and four jalepeno peppers.

My sister is moving, so she gave me her organic CSA this week.  More corn, broccoli rabe, beets (will also cook the greens) and radishes.

A great week!

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  1. Hi sandie, glad to see that you found some bargains at DT as well as I did!


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