Wednesday, August 6, 2014

An adventure at Shop Rite due to a conflict with another shopper!

 What was in my cart? 3 cases of water, 2 cantaloupe, a whole watermelon, two packages of pork spare ribs, a tomato, 4 cartons minute maid lemonade (this is what got the situation started as the culprit watched me add these to my cart) one box cheese-its, 4 cans of Starkist white in water tuna and I was about to add 20 assorted yogurts.  Laundry detergent and canola oil.  I typically only purchase on sale items with coupons from each store I go to. What you would see in any of my carts is not representative of our typical meals, only portions of purchases.  I am a true frugal shopper, so sometimes it would look like I (or my household) doesn't eat balanced meals.

Gentleman my age or a bit older proceeded to tell me I shouldn't be drinking the lemonade (I personally don't) and then he proceeded to tell me why everything in my cart was wrong and going to make me get fat as I got older...I thanked him and started to walk away. He followed me to the yogurt and started to critic all my choices. I should be eating more vegetables, you should put all this back and start over. I tried to ignore him. He wouldn't stop, so I told him again thank you, but if you don't leave me alone now I will need to get the manager.

The entire way home I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Laughing was appropriate, as we mainly eat locally grown meat, I prefer fish, and I am at the produce and farmers markets weekly. I only drink water and coffee. I prefer veggies over fruit. I do all my own baking from scratch. Crying was held back as I wondered if I had become fat all over again (I have maintained almost all of my 127 lb weight loss for over three years). Gpa P came in handy when I told him the story as his reply was well you aren't fat YET!

On a shopping note, I did save over $55.00 between coupons and sales.  The cantalope was .97 each (limit two) the spareribs with coupon were .99 a pound (that was a great score as we have no pork at all in any of the freezers) a whole watermelon, assorted greek, light and low fat yogurts, tuna was .88 a can (and I had a .75 cents coupon doubled!)  bottle of purex for .99.  Wesson canola oil 64 oz for 4.99.  I had coupons for all but the oil, plus a $4.00 off your purchase of $55.00.  I ended up spending $60 dollars.  (I also bought some moleskin and a heel cushion to help ease my heel spur discomfort)

I thought was a great purchase day, except for the 'helpful' co-shopper.  

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  1. Oh good Lord!
    Next time tell him, "When I want your opinion I'll beat it out of you"....lolz


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