Friday, August 29, 2014

Dollar Tree and this and that.

Thank you Carol of!    I have run into this store for decorating or school supplies, but never ventured far beyond those two sections.

I happily spent $13.00 today.  4 cartons of broth, 2 boxes of muellers pot sized noodles, 2 large cartons of goldfish crackers and 6 wired rolls of fall patterned ribbon.  $8 for the food.

I can see huge potential with this store, and it's on my route of Target/Petco/BJ's Warehouse.  So convenient.  I didn't have much time today, but went specifically to find broth.  I found a name I didn't know, but it was a good date and USA made (Virginia)  They also had Swanson cartons of vegetable broth, but was short dated, just til the end of October.

I will be back, and scour the entire store with a fine toothed comb.

I haven't had to purchase much.  I did buy some discounted bratwurst (2 six pack) and smoked kielbasi (6 pounds) that was about to go to sell by date.  I froze it all.  $16.00.

I did go to the farmers market (City Seed) and I spent $20.00.  Pickling cukes, perpetual spinach (a cross between swiss chard and spinach) some beautiful onions, corn, three beautiful slicing tomatoes, two zucchini and some gorgeous big blackberries and purple chinese long beans.  Usual treat for DH from Sono Bakery.

BJ's warehouse.  Don Michael breakfast burritos 6 pack 5.99 after coupon.  Three 6 packs of real simple frozen breakfast burritos (two eggwhite turkey sausage and one eggwhite veggie) for $4.99 each after month long special pricing.  Good to have on hand for DD when she does a split shift. $21.00

Produce market.  Local bakery chabasa bread and a national whole wheat loaf.  $6.00

$71.00 total spent

I also received from studio families half dozen fresh eggs, purple beans, a dozen ears of corn, several pounds of heirloom tomatoes and four jalepeno peppers.

My sister is moving, so she gave me her organic CSA this week.  More corn, broccoli rabe, beets (will also cook the greens) and radishes.

A great week!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I am back in swing

So, I was tied up last week (almost literally).  I hold a Rock N Bows camp every August, takes almost a year to plan the next one.  It's all consuming, exhausting, and one of the most gratifying things I do.  I didn't do any shopping until the morning of the performance/picnic.  Though this trip was for this studio event, I still managed to squeeze in a few things the house was depleted of (eggs/bread/milk).  We supplied beverages and meats for the event.  Requested all attendees bring a side dish or a dessert.  (We had 150 guests not including the performers)

Do these faces look happy or what?

There was not to many leftovers, in fact all the side dishes went!  A few desserts left, most I sent home with my cousin.  I was surprised at the amount of burgers and hotdogs were left.  3 unopened packages of 16 burgers each and an unopened package of 24 Hummel hotdogs.  Also 12 patties and half a bag of hotdogs.  Plus enough rolls for all.  I shared those with my cousin as well. 

So, needless to say....we have been eating burgers and hotdogs this week (though I did freeze one package of burgers) as well as a turkey breast I roasted on Sunday (which the last of is now in a soup in the CP the stock I made on Sunday night) and Ribs from our side of pork purchase. 

This I picked up with a friend the next morning after the big event.  Man did I need some time off to sleep, but we had to be in New Haven between 830 and 9.  We purchased a 70 lb side, splitting the price.  Now we have enough pork/beef/chicken (since I know that the Zaycon chicken will be in mid October) for at least 8 months.  

The side included 3 smoked hams, 8 single pounds of ground pork, 8 packages of 4 sausage patties each (one pound) two pounds (one pound pkg each) of spare ribs, two pounds (one pound pkg each) of country ribs, 8 rib, 8 center and 8 of another cut i cannot remember.  A pork butt and a small pork loin.  Hocks, Feet, Lard, assorted packages of bones (oh the stock I will make!) and 8 pounds of bacon.  

Truly a deal, $5 a pound for locally raised pork.  This is the farm I dealt with (I had purchased individual items from them several times last year, and was so impressed by their operation I knew when the time was right I would be doing this deal.  For Mile River Farm 

I know shelling out $175.00 all at one time for alot of pork might seem frugal, but it is to me.   I know where the meat came from, I will not be purchasing meat for the most part for hopefully 8 - 10 months.  

I will still keep an eye out for discounted italian sausage.  I will still be purchasing seafood.  I will get our Thanksgiving Turkey from Gozzi's, as well as ordering our seafood and roast for Christmas. 

All in all, I have saved myself alot of time and money between a local beef purchase, zaycon ground beef and chicken breasts as well as this pork deal.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Apple Fritter Bread

Looks delicious right?

I picked peeled and chopped five apples (we have a Macintosh tree in the backyard) plus a Granny Smith from the fridge.   One cup of flour, one and half cup of William Sonoma Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Pancake mix, one egg, quarter cup of vegetable oil and half cup of water.  Mix all together, put in greased bread pan and sprinkle brown sugar on top.  Bake for 40 minutes 350 degrees.  Smelled and tasted just like a fried apple fritter (without the frying!)  Gpa Paul suggested additional cinnamon.

I received this as a Christmas Gift.  We don't usually eat pancakes or waffles, so I kept thinking I could use it in baking somehow.  Great experiment!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

An adventure at Shop Rite due to a conflict with another shopper!

 What was in my cart? 3 cases of water, 2 cantaloupe, a whole watermelon, two packages of pork spare ribs, a tomato, 4 cartons minute maid lemonade (this is what got the situation started as the culprit watched me add these to my cart) one box cheese-its, 4 cans of Starkist white in water tuna and I was about to add 20 assorted yogurts.  Laundry detergent and canola oil.  I typically only purchase on sale items with coupons from each store I go to. What you would see in any of my carts is not representative of our typical meals, only portions of purchases.  I am a true frugal shopper, so sometimes it would look like I (or my household) doesn't eat balanced meals.

Gentleman my age or a bit older proceeded to tell me I shouldn't be drinking the lemonade (I personally don't) and then he proceeded to tell me why everything in my cart was wrong and going to make me get fat as I got older...I thanked him and started to walk away. He followed me to the yogurt and started to critic all my choices. I should be eating more vegetables, you should put all this back and start over. I tried to ignore him. He wouldn't stop, so I told him again thank you, but if you don't leave me alone now I will need to get the manager.

The entire way home I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Laughing was appropriate, as we mainly eat locally grown meat, I prefer fish, and I am at the produce and farmers markets weekly. I only drink water and coffee. I prefer veggies over fruit. I do all my own baking from scratch. Crying was held back as I wondered if I had become fat all over again (I have maintained almost all of my 127 lb weight loss for over three years). Gpa P came in handy when I told him the story as his reply was well you aren't fat YET!

On a shopping note, I did save over $55.00 between coupons and sales.  The cantalope was .97 each (limit two) the spareribs with coupon were .99 a pound (that was a great score as we have no pork at all in any of the freezers) a whole watermelon, assorted greek, light and low fat yogurts, tuna was .88 a can (and I had a .75 cents coupon doubled!)  bottle of purex for .99.  Wesson canola oil 64 oz for 4.99.  I had coupons for all but the oil, plus a $4.00 off your purchase of $55.00.  I ended up spending $60 dollars.  (I also bought some moleskin and a heel cushion to help ease my heel spur discomfort)

I thought was a great purchase day, except for the 'helpful' co-shopper.