Saturday, June 21, 2014

The cow is in! and a pressure canner contest (affiliate link)

Win a pressure canner!

It’s the perfect summer surprise – a free, 23-quart pressure canner/cooker from Presto, thanks to the fine folks at Mrs. Wages!
Also in this prize kit is a 7-piece canning kit (with an electronic timer) and a Sure Tight(TM) band tool.
All you have to do is enter as many times as you like.  Be sure to pass it on to your friends to earn additional entry points into the contest!

 The deadline for the contest ends in 3 days.  I will get bonus entries if others enter from this link.  Though I don't can, I have a friend who does, and it would be great if I had my own equipment to use once she teaches me (Margaret H!)

So, even with a busy day before recital (and me feeling a bit under the weather due to stress and lack of sleep) I had a mission.  I had to go get a quarter of a cow!   Off I went by myself after a morning of teaching to get 100 lbs of locally raised, grass fed beef.   I had to meet the farmer at a local farm (Geremia's in Wallingford CT) that was a pleasant surprise.  I didn't know this market existed.  I will probably stop by there on Monday or Tuesday to get some of their strawberries.  The farmer uses their freezers to store her processed cows. 

They brought one huge basket to my car and I thought oh that's not so bad, and then they brought another one!  Oh my.   DH will be thrilled as I have his revered heart to make sufrite with.  Four packages of liver (wanted to surprise my mom with this)  Though I didn't want any hamburger (Zaycon is coming!)  I have four BOXES of patties (at least 3 pounds each box) another smaller 2 pound package of patties, 5 one pound packages of ground beef.  Three packages of three short ribs each.  Two soup shanks (I'm in heaven!) 4 or 5 pounds of stew meat (I didn't really count)  Sandwich steaks, Skirt steaks, London broils, NY strips, Delmonico steaks, Tbones, Porterhouse.  DH will be in heaven for a while.  I have to be honest, though it was a lot of money up front, it still wasn't as much as I anticipated.  I expected to be overly anxious about how would I store it all, and it didn't take up as much room as I thought.  I also know I have some friends who want to purchase some from me, so all is good.  

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  1. I entered via the link. Hope you win! We'll be canning our hearts out!


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