Sunday, June 8, 2014

Adventure Day

Today was a productive, though not so adventurous adventure day.  We checked out the North Haven Flea/Farmers Market.  I went with an open mind, they just started this venture on Memorial Day weekend.  A combination of true Flea Market (aka junk in mho), home based businesses, a few food vendors.  One farmer selling flowering and vegetable plants.  I will attend again, as I know it takes time to build a vendors list.  I will not give them a negative review at this time.  Just a buck to get in.  We did buy a few cheap items for the prize case at the studio.  2 dollars to get in and $14 spent.  total $16.00 cash.

Then to the City Seed Edgewood Park farmers market. City Seed Farmers Markets New Haven  Disappointed to find that Mike Seery doesn't have his satellite luthier shop directly across the street, it was a more convenient drop off for me and some of my students.  Not a big deal, now it's field trip to his mansion in Bristol.  Always a fun excursion!    Seery Strings

I always treat myself to a Basque cake from SoNo bakery once a month when we visit this farmers market.  Not a cheap item, either cash or calorie wise.  But a special treat.  Only once a month.  DH got a Raspberry Danish.  Total spent with them almost $8.00.  I have their cookbook, but I've learned that I'm not a good enough baker for complicated recipes.     Two pretzel rolls from a german bakery $2.00.  I'm going to look into baking these.  Then two large bunches of Swiss Chard ($6.00) a big bag of spring mix ($2.00) and a big bunch of white salad turnips, which I will also braise the greens for another side dish ($3.00)  $11.00.  Total for the entire trip $21.00.  cash

Walmart next.  Cat food, a car charger for Gpa P's cell phone, a birthday card (they now have a line that is just .47 cents!)   Total spent, $29.00 cash

Then home depot.  DH has been doing an ongoing landscaping/root removal project.  He's been trying to make due with what we have (though he did spend $90-10 coupon last month on a tiller attachment for his heavy duty brush wacker) he decided  he needed a mallet/digger combination.  He also plans on re-asphalting the driveway later in the month when Gpa P is away visiting friends at Martha's Vineyard.  So, we started pricing and investigating the amount of time we will need.  He got the crack filler and patch filler now, to get that done a week or two before the actual covering the entire drive event.  Also new work gloves.  Total spent $66.00 with another $50 needed for the final cover and squeegee.  Used a debit card.

Then Bj's warehouse.  Water (they made the size of a case smaller and upped the price, gotta start making changes) DH's favorite peanut butter pretzels, DD coffee and a Time magazine special issue on Ronald Reagan for BIL birthday present.  DH likes the Fresh Express  Iceburg mix, still a good price of $2.99 for a very large bag.  A large package of tomatoes for $4.99.  Another $65.00 also debit card.

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