Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A typical week in my house

Though I have shared snippets of my life, I thought it would be fun to give you a rundown of a typical week.

Sunday's are 'adventure day'.  DH and I go tag saling, antiquing, flea and farmer marketing.  We have things that we collect, and are frugal in other areas of our life to be able to shift funds to this fun and sometimes profitable hobby.  I.E., we found two donkey planters (which I obsessively collect) for less than $16.00 for the pair.  Sometimes I have to rationalize, and DH will always want me to get them, even if we already have one that style (though this is a different color) or this one is very weird.  (as in a bright pink gold trimmed donkey)  I will do a post with pictures on all of my donkey collectibles if anyone is interested in the future.

The profitable part is we sometimes find something that we then immediately resell as we know we got it for a deal.  We didn't have that happen exactly this past Sunday, but we did find a Spode Christmas Sleigh (bread or cracker tray).  Spode is an English Porcelain company, who has been making Christmas themed dishware for years.  I have been collecting pieces as we find them (and I am very frugal with these) and I keep the dining room table set for the month of December and USE all of my pieces.  We found this unusual piece on our adventure this past Sunday.  To purchase new (retail) it is between $50 and $60 dollars.  Which is why I don't purchase any of these pieces brand new.  I am excited to share I found it for $10.50.  Here is a pic

We then usually play catch up on recorded shows, we might have lunch out (but not always) and just spend time together.  I also do laundry on Sundays.  Sometimes DD and her significant other come with us (this time they were texting with us telling us they were being tourists in Mystic, another favorite place of mine).  We also discuss what is in the freezers and take some items out to defrost for the week.  As DH dozed I did the newsletter for the studio and sent it to the Office Manager for proof reading.  

Mondays DH and I are both off for part of the day (I start at 3 p.m., he doesn't go to work til 330 a.m. on Tuesday)  We run errands (this week was bringing his tux to the dry cleaners), produce market, post office, bank, credit union.  Then I finish putting laundry away, putter in garden, and work on the studio paperwork. Left for studio at 2, started teaching at 3 and was done at 8, returning phone calls and actually looking up at 8:45 pm. 

Tuesdays I go through papers in house, sort through mail, do recycling, more puttering in garden, plan shopping. Clean the house.  I am one to deal with stuff when I see it needs to be done, no set formula.  I remember my grandmother Muzzi used to have a set task for every day of the week.  I wish I could be that organized, but I know I would get frustrated if the task got thrown off.  I think I have a lot of routine already, and it seems to be working.   I left the house for the studio at 11:45 , arrived at 12:15, started to teach straight through til 8:30 (hard when there are no breaks) and then returned some phone calls.  Home by 9:30 p.m.

Wednesday is my shortest studio day, so I am up at 7 a.m., was at Shoprite by 7:30 a.m., home again by 8:15, had a quick meal then jumped back into the car and  stopped to get dry cleaning, went through bank drive through for a business deposit,  produce market again, home put all items away, another load in washer, and did some cooking.  I will catch up on emails, and blog reading as well as posting my own.  I will plan a new Piano Encounters class (starting tomorrow) and also a Toddler class for Friday (after this one only one more until Fall) Leave for studio at 230, perhaps stop for a SB (been trying to limit these to Saturday and Sunday again, but if I see an empty lot I might pop in) Teach only from 330 - 730 tonight.  Meet with vocal educator and make plans for her summer schedule, set up big room for class and hopefully be home by 9 p.m.  Then I will go out with a head lamp on my head and thin some lemon balm/chives/oregano plants to share with one of the Mom's in the new Piano class. 

Thursday leave the house at 8 a.m., unload car, make sure studio is presentable, teach class at 10, then pick up prescriptions, and go pick up new eye glasses.  Lots of back and forth between towns, but it cannot be helped this week.  Be back at studio to teach at 230 straight through til 8.  Then calls and set up for toddler class for the next morning. 

Friday leave house at 9 a.m., toddler class at 10, hair appointment at 11, resume teaching at 230 until 630, then ensemble rehearsal til 730 and more private students until 830.  I always leave immediately when studio is empty on Fridays because..........

Saturday used to be a viciously early day, but now we have had a few staff hour changes, so I'm the only one starting at 8 a.m. (another educator starts at 830)  I will probably still leave the house at 630 a.m. (used to be 530 a.m. for a 730 am first lesson........I need time to drink coffee, eat something, have quiet time before I start teaching)  I will teach straight through until 12:30 right now (other educator til 1245)  I know I will have new string students starting in a few weeks, so I will enjoy this down time on a Saturday while it lasts.  DH gets out of work at Noon, so we usually always go out for lunch together on Saturdays.  Lunch out is so much cheaper than Dinner out.  We then go back home, and I will be honest, we usually take a nap.  
That, is a typical week for us.  I of course haven't mentioned all of the Mason meetings, other rehearsals, 

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