Saturday, May 31, 2014

Zaycon Purchase! (referral link)

This is the first time I organized a purchase from Zaycon to be shared with one friend, perhaps two.  93% lean ground beef, hormone and antibiotic free american raised.  40 pounds, at 3.99  a pound.  We will pick it up at 8 a.m. in July, and then we will break it down to one pound packages.

What made this deal even more exciting is that I qualified for a 40 pound box of boneless/skinless chicken breasts for just $1.49 a pound (40 cents cheaper than the usual price)   We have to wait to order this when they have the Fall sale, but it will be welcomed and used!

So excited.  I will earn a credit towards a future purchase for every referral that makes a meat purchase.  If you are interested in checking them out, or even placing an order, please consider using this linkZaycon Referral

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