Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Total spend for April

So, today is April 30th.  I have gone to three stores (mentioned Big Y in an earlier post) as well as Stop and Shop and Target today (all food)    But all the meats and groceries purchased in the last three days is actually for next week (which is May, so I'm going to add these three purchases (minus the ground beef and lettuce tomatoes and cheese bought today which will be used for Tacos this week) to May's totals.

So, total spent for groceries (food stuffs only) 547.32.  47.32 over goal.  But, considering that just 5 short months ago I was spending close to 2000 dollars (Oh My), I feel accomplished.  Average is $18.25 per day, times 12 meals a day. $1.50 a meal.  I feel like Wonder Woman!
our change jug, an antique Coca-Cola syrup jug

Why so much before?  I would buy two or three of things in defense of Gpa P over eating.

What did I do differently?  I did not over buy.  Only if on sale and with a coupon.  If I could add an Ibotta, Saving Star of Checkout 51 deal on top of it, so much the better.  Currently I have earned $41.97 combined in these three apps.  Goal is to eventually have my entire budget from these three apps covered in a month.  We also are expecting our BJ's cash back refund which should be $52.00.

We did have a few stressful moments.  DH twice knew I had purchased something to find that Gpa had eaten it all (White Cheddar Cheezits AND the new Cheezit Grooves)  I got upset one day when I had enough for DH and I to have one last piece of crusty bread, (after I took the hardened outside slice) and found Gpa taking one of the two slices (he shouldn't be eating any of these things)  Confronting him about his lack of control and food choices just makes him defensive.  Hiding things bothers me on other levels, and doesn't always work.  Marking things annoys me too (we aren't in college) but sometimes I do it if it's a planned item for a meal.........or for one of us to take to work with us.

The entire change in lifestyle has opened up my DH enjoying the adventure of the deals, and helping me be creative with meal planning.

Let's see how I do in May!

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