Monday, April 7, 2014

This and That..............

I was able to use my $5.00 gift cards that i earned at Target from the Starbucks deal to spend only 71 cents out of pocket.  I got a bottle of popcorn kernels, an 8 ounce bag of scallions, a mango, half a pound of ground pork, a dozen eggs, a pint of half and half and a cornbread mix, plus four of their dollar bin items!  I used $15.00 in giftcards, $1.00 off of fruit, $1.00 off of vegetable and $1.00 off of fresh meat, plus .50 off of eggs.  Not bad!

Today at Big Y I went in just to get two bags of shrimp (B1G1Free).  I got the uncooked Extra Colossal size.  16-24 per pound.  I also got two packages of turkey italian sausage marked down and 3 packages of premio pork sausage also marked down.  4 cans of cat food too.  $47.00 total, enough meat for 5 - 8 meals (depending on who we are cooking for).

All meat went into the freezer for future meals.  Today we cooked some defrosted hotdogs, and 2 chicken/spinach patties.

Future meals this week that are defrosting are boneless/skinless chicken breast (1.69 a pound from Aldi this past Wednesday), Italian pork sausage, two NY strip steaks (previous marked down purchase) and my last .89 cents a pound turkey breast.  Now that I know this also contains the neck, I will be making stock while the turkey cooks.

What are your plans for meals this week?

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