Friday, April 11, 2014

Meat choices for this week coming to a close as well as garden exploration

On Sunday's I take out meat from the freezer for the entire week.  This week my husband cooked sausage links with peppers and potatoes (grilled)  chicken breasts and two small NY strip steaks (also grilled).  This has fed 4 people from Monday through today.  There are two chicken 'cutlets' left, and I am now roasting our last .98 cents a pound turkey breast.  I also have the neck with vegetable peelings going in the crock-pot on high.

I plan on freezing that stock for another day.  Once the meat is pulled from the bone I will make ANOTHER stock from the bones with more peelings.  I have already prepped veggies (chopped onion, celery, carrots) for the soup that will be for Sunday/Monday.

I cannot imagine life without my crock-pots.

I know that our meats in the freezer are almost depleted.  That's ok.  Now that it's warming up, I have the garage freezer to store all the frozen vegetable deals I've been getting.  I can see what's left this Sunday for proteins and make plans for the future.

My shopping is now based on what is on sale/coupon/what i know we will use.  I mainly do loss leaders at the three main shops (Big Y, Stop and Shop and Shop rite)

I'm hoping to get some Ham deals at BJ's like the deal I got after Christmas.  .88 cents a pound for Smithfield Hams!  I am really hoping for that to happen again.  I did notice they had a lot less stock for Easter there compared to the amount they had at Christmas.  Since they are offering a deal (12.00 off a ham if you purchase 4 separate items from the list) I anticipate they might get more in.

Bulbs are starting to come up!

I also started going through the raised beds today (I came home between classes) I was dismayed to find that my asparagus plants that were 6 years old did not make it through this past winter.  I only had two seasons of asparagus, and anticipated that this year I would get several pounds.  What a disappointment.

I do have strawberry plants that spread in another raised bed.  At least we will have some backyard strawberries (if the rabbits and deer stay away).

I look forward to posting pictures of the gardens too.  I have already purchased lettuce seeds (some of which I will plant in the wagon of my donkey yard decoration) as well as swiss chard, peas and two types of green beans.  Here's hoping!

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