Thursday, April 17, 2014

Filling in needed items at Stop and Shop

Completely out of full size carrots.  I have found the best price for five pound bags is Stop and Shop.  Just $3.49.  .70 a pound.

We also were out of the rest of the families choices for salad dressing/dipping sauces.  I got Kraft creamy Italian, French and Thousand Island.  Not a great price, 2.99 a bottle, but sometimes wants are more important than the best deal.  They were requested more than once.

Russet potatoes at .89 a pound.  Bought a little over three pounds.  Will get 20 percent back from Saving Star.

Swanson Mexican Broth.  Bought 4 cartons totaling 8 dollars.  This was a sale price.  Had no more coupons left, but do like the flavor of this, and will add one box to my own stock when I want 'Tortilla Soup'.

I found Aero bars.  A Nestle product mainly found in Canada.  DH loves these.  I hid them away for a special treat for him.  Not on special, $1.89 each.

Lea and Perrin Worcestershire we were completely out.  Again no coupon or sale, but couldn't be helped, DH likes to cook with it alot.  4.49.

Total spent was 36.00.  Not an impressive amount for just two grocery bags.  I don't anticipate needing any more meats this month, as we will eat from the freezer.  I have $60 left for the month (if I stay on budget, and I think I can this month!) for produce/dairy/bread.

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