Friday, April 18, 2014

Cooking this past week.

We were away for a family destination wedding on Saturday/Sunday so no cooking at home.  I did make a pot of Swiss Chard/Canellini Beans/homemade turkey stock for my Dad in the crockpot before we left.  He also had leftover chicken cutlets to go with it.

Monday burgers (DH cooked 6 beef patties and two chicken/spinach patties) Three dinners and two lunch plates on Tuesday.

Tuesday I also used the balance of the ground beef and a pound of ground pork to make a meatloaf for my Dad (Gpa P).  He ate this for dinner Tuesday and lunch on Wednesday along with last of Swiss Chard.

Tuesday evening was DD's 21st birthday.  She had requested Margarita's and Mexican, and I did budget this in for the month.  We invited my Mom, Sister, Brother, DH, DD and her boyfriend and myself.  We took some leftovers home.

Wednesday I roasted a chicken, immediately took the meat off the bone and threw in veggie peelings and carcass into crock pot to simmer until I got home this evening at 8 p.m.  Half of the white meat was hidden away with the leg quarters, other half of white meat and wings left for DD and Gpa P's dinner.  Salad, and pasta/broccoli/cheese sauce frozen steam bag rounded out the meal.  I had the leftovers from Mexican birthday and DH had a Lodge meeting where he would eat dinner.

Thursday Strained broth with added carrots/celery/onion/escarole and chicken that was saved will go back into the crock pot with some herbs/seasonings for a nice soup.   Broccoli Rabe (one bunch) with garlic, olive oil and crushed red pepper with the balance of the chicken breast (my lunch) and the rest of the Rabe not mixed with chicken cooked with chicken sausage for Gpa P's lunch (half left for him for tomorrow)

DH doesn't care for clear soups, so we also had some boneless pork chops that he will probably bread crumb and bake in the oven.  Roasting potatoes, mushrooms and broccoli will round it out.

Friday meatless sauce with pasta and Ricotta cheese.  First try at homemade bread in a while.

Saturday will be leftovers whatever we feel like having.  Might make a pizza in our pizza oven (from scratch of course!)

Easter Sunday we do not have any plans.  If I can get a Ham at BJ's warehouse for a good price we may have that with fresh vegetables.  If not, we will wing it.

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