Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Walgreens and Balance Rewards

I’m trying to get more into the balance rewards program at Walgreens.  I want to save up my points to use for snacks for our Sunday adventures.  I’m also trying to combine sale/coupons and getting rewards in the same trip.  

If you use a digital pedometer (I use a fitbit one) you can connect it to your balance reward and earn 30 points for each mile you walk.  13000 of my points so far have been earned just by walking!

So, I purchased only items we use regularly that were able to give me the most ‘bang for my buck”.

I purchased 12 pounds total of Domino Sugar totaling 5.67.

Two bottles of Listerine on Sale for 3.99 each with a dollar off each.  Irish Spring body scrub two bottles at @ 7.00-2.00 coupons to get $4.00 register reward back on my next purchase.  I also bought my favorite allergy eye drops on sale for 7.99 – 3.00 and earned 2000 balance rewards points. A Mens deodorant for .99 after sale/coupon.   I also had a coupon if you spent 25 (I spent 27.96) you would get 5000 balance rewards.  So I earned 7000 balance rewards (7.00) I used 7.00 in coupons and I got a register reward of 4.00 in hand.  I currently have 25080 balance rewards points (25 dollars) and 4 in register rewards to spend.  Not bad!

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