Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday Cake and this weeks flyers.

Today DH wanted cake.  I had a Cake Boss mix I had gotten as a gift a while back.  Plenty of eggs in the house from all the free/.99 a dozen I have in the fridge.  Milk purchased earlier in the month, as well as vegetable oil gotten during Shoprite Can Can sale.  Basically, no money spent on the cake.

Butter in freezer, powdered sugar, vanilla and cocoa in pantry all from previous purchases.   Again, no money spent to make this sweet treat.

Cake is cooling now.  Hopefully it will be delish!

Has anyone else noticed that the flyers this week are really nothing impressive?  I mean, $1.99 a dozen eggs is a special price?  Not finding many meat deals either.  I did take an .89 a pound chicken out of the freezer, as well as a very small beef round roast (from our grass fed Meriden raised cow) for future meals this week.  I also will make a minestrone soup with the stock I made yesterday from the short rib bones.

We have a house guest arriving who will stay for 10 days.  An added expense, but we have this visitor at least 5 times a year, so we know what to expect.

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