Monday, March 17, 2014

Shopping this week

As mentioned before, grocery flyers weren't that great this week.  But I managed to get some deals (at least I think so)

BJ's Warehouse on Sunday.   Three cases of water.  Goldfish crackers, Peanut Butter Stuffed Pretzels (both treats for DH's lunch) Fresh Express three pound bag of iceburg salad mix (with dollar off), Maries blue cheese dressing (large bottle) and Unsalted peanuts (with two dollars off)  Total 49.17

Shoprite   Paper products, Viva paper towels 6 giant = 9 regular size on sale, flier coupon and doubled manufacturer coupon got this down to 5.49.  Scott Toilet Paper 12 pack (I still like their single ply the best) on Sale with coupons price paid 5.89.  Just shy of 50 cents a roll.

Food items, Cantalope for 99 cents, 4 frozen Hanover veggies 99 cents each, Asparagus 1.77 for just above a pound.  Three pizza dough for 1.00 each, four Colonna marinara/pasta sauce for .88 each.  One SO blueberry yogurt 1.39 after coupon and got an additional 1.00 from Ibotta already in my account (and in my tummy!)  12 ounce package of Tillapia for just $2.99.   We are going to cook that tonight and see if it's worth a stock up.  Also got four packages of Preemio pork sausage (assorted hot and sweet) dated tomorrow and marked down to $11.16 for four pounds (2.79 a pound regularly 3.99) and then I had a $1.00 off fresh meat, so $10.16 for four pounds of sausage.

Total on food 26.78

Stop and Shop Sorrento String Cheese 3.19, two packages of 80% lean ground beef at 2.99 a pound $16.20, Perdue chicken breast cutlets one and a half pounds after sale coupon $5.99.  Pound of strawberries 2.99 (already got .50 back on checkout 51) and a bit over 3 pounds of cabbage for .62 cents.  Also got another 12 pack of Scott Toilet Paper for 4.99 here.

Total on food 28.49

Best deal?   As we have the house guests coming, we (DH and I) agreed to use our Walgreens Balance Rewards for soda.  Two 12 packs of diet dr pepper, two 12 packs of diet sunkist and three 12 packs of diet coke.  $4.00 register rewards, $1.00 manufacturers coupon and $20 balance rewards.  I paid $1.22 out of pocket.

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