Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Target trip

I have been careful not to go to Target this month unless I knew I would get a great deal(s).

In combining coupons, cartwheel and shopping cart I think i did pretty well!

Mucinex Allergy.  I previously did the $5.00 coupon/$2.50 free making it free plus 3000 balance rewards making it an earned money event.    Today at CVS I got a 5 count box for $2.50 equaling .50 cents each pill.  I think that's a fair price as they really have been helping me with the chest allergy symptoms I suffer.  (It's the same ingredient as Allegra, so it's my go to med)   I had two more $5.00 coupons, but no 5 count boxes at Target.  However the 10 count boxes were also on sale, and I paid .51 cents per pill.  I am happy with that.  

Eggs on sale 1.49-.50 coupon -cartwheel $1.03  pd  I'm happy with that price for eggs.  

Gallon of milk 3.60 - .50 Ibotta

Cheez-It Grooves on sale 2.50-75 coupon -75 Ibotta $1.00 pd.

Kraft Recipe Makers on sale $2.08-cartwheel 50% $1.04-manufacturers coupon $.04 pd.

Two boxes of Special K cereal after shopping cart $1.49 each less Ibotta .75 each, .74 cents pd each!

Blueberries 2.99 less target $1.00 coupon less .25 checkout 51.  1.74 pd

Pound of baby carrots on sale 1.49 - target $1.00 .49 pd

Total $15.78 then used Target card (already paid the balance) for an extra 5% off.  $18.59 of which $10.00 was allergy meds and balance was food including fresh veggies/fruit/eggs/milk!

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