Monday, March 3, 2014

Money Saver Text from Target! and more planned purchases.

Text the SPRING TO 827438.  This is a great code, that will give you a scan on your phone to give to the cashier at target.  You can save assorted things, but I especially like the $1 on fruit, $1 on vegetable and $1 on meat.  Have fun seeing how much you can get for how little.

Stop and Shop today I bought 5 lbs of carrots for 3.59 (got my .25 back from checkout 51 already) a pepper for $1.59 (20 percent back from Savingstar) and two bottles of All detergent for just 1.98 plus tax!

Walgreens picked up a script and now have over 20k balance reward points.  Not only do I gain points for planned purchases, but also for walking (my fitbit one is registered with Walgreens)

Big Y for 20 dollars worth of goya products, five dollars back from savingstar.

All in all, less than 30 out of pocket today and getting almost 6 back.  Not bad.

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