Thursday, March 6, 2014

First week in March shopping and leftovers

Total spent so far this month $164.30.  Some of it was cat items.  I also gassed up the truck and the bomb.  I think I can get away with one truck fill up and two bomb fill ups.  I've been driving the Ford Focus wagon (aka bomb) more then our newest vehicle.  Trying to save mileage and general wear and tear.  Surprisingly, the older, close to 120k vehicle runs hotter, I enjoy the heat factor.  Still think that it odd that the crossover 2012 vehicle doesn't get good heat.  Could be it's so big?   DH is driving his what I call midlife crisis car (sport car) and he is responsible for gassing that up.

20 cans goya beans at big y on sale .69 each   13.80 spent BUT regular price registered with Savings Star so already at 20 spent on goya, getting 5 back So 8.80 spent to get almost 19 lbs of canned beans (18.75 lbs.)  $5.00 is already in my account with Saving Star.  Niiiiiiice.

 Shoprite on 5/5 came to 33.77-12 (dad’s request for grapefruit juice and he paid for the four simply grapefruit on sale 2 for 5.98) Got 2 of Jay’s pretzels for free again (now out of coupons) Eggs for 99 Romaine for 99 and a free box of pasta as well as $1.00 off of produce (so, that makes the romaine free in my eyes)   Cucumbers and Tomatoes totaling 5.80 were for his Masons lodge meeting as well as salad dressing (3.99) plus salad mix from BJ’s at 2.00.    Total for Masons spent 12.00.  Not sure if I will get that back or not.    Got $1.00 back already from Ibotta on yogurt, Bought 5 muller yogurts and had 2.00 off coupon (like getting 2 for free!) and 20% back on tomatoes (savings star .76) and 50 cents on gallon of milk (checkout 51)  I’ll take it!

We spent $55.00 at T and J Market in East Haven for ground beef (chili yesterday) and other meat items as well as snacks for DH to enjoy during the Oscars.

 Bj’s was all food stuffs, but not necessities.  Hopefully will last til end of month, egg whites, Thomas english muffins (two bags of 9 muffins each), guacamole, onions, mushrooms, pita chips, tortilla chips, 2 cases water, breakfast burritos (gotta start making these and freezing myself)

Still have some chili with beans left, so I'm going to adjust my serving size from 16 to 20!    Very good numbers.  I now think each serving was under 70 cents each!   

Also still have some 'fake baked potato soup' left.  Probably 4 cups left.  

DH cooked our last .98 cent turkey breast.  Dad and I both had some, (cat stole the wing from me!) and I carved the rest of the meat off for slices, then picked every bit off the carcass.  Now it's in the crockpot on high with a bag of frozen veggie peelings (carrot, celery ends, onion skins and some green pepper too!)  All the picked meat, sliced carrots, celery and onions are ready to go into the broth in the morning.  I love soup, will even make it in the heat of summer.  

How are you saving money this week?

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