Monday, March 31, 2014

Shoprite deals today (during winters last hurrah!)

Well, it was an interesting early morning trip to Shoprite.  Raining when I left the house at 7:15 a.m. , two inches when I returned to the car, and four inches before it was all said and done.  I only skidded once, but we were an hour late for our CPA (tax time!) 10 a.m. appointment.  Took us 45 minutes just to cross out of our town!

Stuck to the list for the most part.  Did trade one item off the list to get another deal that I had not been aware of.  Here was the take:

Two 8 packs of Bounty towels  I paid 18.98 and got a $5 on your next trip because I also bought two Cascade action tablets (with coupons 3.99 and 3.49).

Three frozen shoprite vegetables at $1.00 each, had $1.50 off so fifty cents each!  Nice.

2 donuts and 2 bagels minus $1.50 coupon totaled $1.26   Hubby was very happy. 

Shoprite cream cheese block .49 cents (flyer coupon)

Iceburg lettuce FREE

Bananas .96 (plus 20 percent back on savingstar)

5 pound bag Eastern potatoes .99 (flyer coupon)

10 pound bag very fresh yellow onions, 2.99 (this is what i traded an item from the list for)

Total spent  $34.59

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Starbucks deal at Target today

I admit, this is a weakness.  I am still blessed that I can (with DH insistence) to treat myself to rich flavorful coffee.  I drink it black, so no fancy froo froo (and over 4 bucks) coffees.  I get gifted very generously at holiday time from students, and make it last.  I also treat my co teacher on Saturday as we start so early (730 a.m.).  Normally I get hers for free at least twice a month as I'm a gold status member of starbucks.  I know, not the greatest achievement, but one that those who know me well tease me about.

I have been trying to cut back now that the giftcards have run out, so have been making my own coffee at home, in all different ways.  Coffee to me is wine, I know good from bad, and good from great.  I try to make a case of K cups last 1.5 to 2 months (BJ's Starbucks 36.99 for 48 cups) equals .77 a cup.  Sometimes there is a $5.00 off coupon which is a score, bringing it down to .66.  But today, I had an amazing score.

At Target, buy 3 sixteen count boxes of Starbucks K cups (equals same as a case) for $36.00.  Then I had total of $5.50 coupons off.  Down to 30.50, then a 5.00 gift card back!  $25.50 for the equivalent of a case from a warehouse store.  That is .53 cents a cup.  Woohoo.

It was not limited, so I did the max I had coupons for.  I have a total that equals THREE CASES.  That's almost 5 months worth of K cup coffee consumption.    We still use ground (fresh from beans at home) for Sunday french press.  My father still makes a pot of drip every morning as well.  When we have house guests we have an electric perk that we set up the night before for them to plug in when they are ready for their own coffee.

If I can find more coupons before the week is out you can bet your bottom dollar that I will get more!

How did you save money today?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Target trip

I have been careful not to go to Target this month unless I knew I would get a great deal(s).

In combining coupons, cartwheel and shopping cart I think i did pretty well!

Mucinex Allergy.  I previously did the $5.00 coupon/$2.50 free making it free plus 3000 balance rewards making it an earned money event.    Today at CVS I got a 5 count box for $2.50 equaling .50 cents each pill.  I think that's a fair price as they really have been helping me with the chest allergy symptoms I suffer.  (It's the same ingredient as Allegra, so it's my go to med)   I had two more $5.00 coupons, but no 5 count boxes at Target.  However the 10 count boxes were also on sale, and I paid .51 cents per pill.  I am happy with that.  

Eggs on sale 1.49-.50 coupon -cartwheel $1.03  pd  I'm happy with that price for eggs.  

Gallon of milk 3.60 - .50 Ibotta

Cheez-It Grooves on sale 2.50-75 coupon -75 Ibotta $1.00 pd.

Kraft Recipe Makers on sale $2.08-cartwheel 50% $1.04-manufacturers coupon $.04 pd.

Two boxes of Special K cereal after shopping cart $1.49 each less Ibotta .75 each, .74 cents pd each!

Blueberries 2.99 less target $1.00 coupon less .25 checkout 51.  1.74 pd

Pound of baby carrots on sale 1.49 - target $1.00 .49 pd

Total $15.78 then used Target card (already paid the balance) for an extra 5% off.  $18.59 of which $10.00 was allergy meds and balance was food including fresh veggies/fruit/eggs/milk!

Wednesday/Thursday Cooking and more Shopping

The Tilapia from Shop-Rite at $2.99 for 12 ounces was very good, and yielded two nice portions for me once cooked.  I went back today and bought 4 more packages totaling three pounds at 3.99 a pound.  I think that is a great price for a white fish.

I am roasting a big Y .88 cents a pound chicken for tonight's dinner (DH has a Masons meeting, so I try to make something ahead so he doesn't need to worry about it), as well as steamed broccoli purchased today for .89 a pound at the produce market.   Total for these two components of the meal 6.32.   I will also have stock going overnight from the bones.

I purchased a bit over two pounds of eggplant for .59 a pound ($1.24)  peeled, chunked and threw in the crockpot with two cans of Hunts spicy/zesty sauce purchased for .88 cents a can.  This will be lunch for the next five days.  Sixty cents a serving!

I've received my Saving Star refund from my cabbage purchase, .71 cents!   It looks like savingstar bases everything on REGULAR PRICES!  I paid $.81 for about 8 lbs of cabbage!

I've also purchased the asparagus this morning for the Savings Star healthy option this week, as well as hit the $20.00 Purex purchase to get $5.00 back.  So far the Asparagus and the Purex purchased at Shoprite have been tallied, but not the Purex from Stop and Shop yet.  Once that registers I will have $5.00 back for the Purex.

Thursday lunch is more eggplant casserole (I ate some for dinner last night, one of my favorites, and so easy with two mozzarella sticks)  Now the overnight stock is simmering with the picked meat (and there is still chicken left for others to eat for lunch or in my father's case, breakfast) as well as celery, carrots, onion, last of the windowsill leeks (three uses from the same root ball, but it was getting mushy so I called it quits and added to the trash pile)  and chives (still going strong on the windowsill).  I love coming home to a hot cup of soup.

DH can cook a small roast (perhaps a pound and a half) that I took out of the freezer earlier in the week.  He will probably roast potatoes with it, and once cooked down I'm sure he and Dad will polish it off.

Trying to limit the protein consumption for these two is a lost battle.  Especially for my father.  Unless things are marked in the fridge, it's free game, and he eats way more than any dietitian or physician would recommend.  It's a point of frustration for me, but I try to financially work around it, if not for his health.  He is his own person.  Just wish he contributed to the food bill once in a while!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Shopping this week

As mentioned before, grocery flyers weren't that great this week.  But I managed to get some deals (at least I think so)

BJ's Warehouse on Sunday.   Three cases of water.  Goldfish crackers, Peanut Butter Stuffed Pretzels (both treats for DH's lunch) Fresh Express three pound bag of iceburg salad mix (with dollar off), Maries blue cheese dressing (large bottle) and Unsalted peanuts (with two dollars off)  Total 49.17

Shoprite   Paper products, Viva paper towels 6 giant = 9 regular size on sale, flier coupon and doubled manufacturer coupon got this down to 5.49.  Scott Toilet Paper 12 pack (I still like their single ply the best) on Sale with coupons price paid 5.89.  Just shy of 50 cents a roll.

Food items, Cantalope for 99 cents, 4 frozen Hanover veggies 99 cents each, Asparagus 1.77 for just above a pound.  Three pizza dough for 1.00 each, four Colonna marinara/pasta sauce for .88 each.  One SO blueberry yogurt 1.39 after coupon and got an additional 1.00 from Ibotta already in my account (and in my tummy!)  12 ounce package of Tillapia for just $2.99.   We are going to cook that tonight and see if it's worth a stock up.  Also got four packages of Preemio pork sausage (assorted hot and sweet) dated tomorrow and marked down to $11.16 for four pounds (2.79 a pound regularly 3.99) and then I had a $1.00 off fresh meat, so $10.16 for four pounds of sausage.

Total on food 26.78

Stop and Shop Sorrento String Cheese 3.19, two packages of 80% lean ground beef at 2.99 a pound $16.20, Perdue chicken breast cutlets one and a half pounds after sale coupon $5.99.  Pound of strawberries 2.99 (already got .50 back on checkout 51) and a bit over 3 pounds of cabbage for .62 cents.  Also got another 12 pack of Scott Toilet Paper for 4.99 here.

Total on food 28.49

Best deal?   As we have the house guests coming, we (DH and I) agreed to use our Walgreens Balance Rewards for soda.  Two 12 packs of diet dr pepper, two 12 packs of diet sunkist and three 12 packs of diet coke.  $4.00 register rewards, $1.00 manufacturers coupon and $20 balance rewards.  I paid $1.22 out of pocket.

Sunday Cake and this weeks flyers.

Today DH wanted cake.  I had a Cake Boss mix I had gotten as a gift a while back.  Plenty of eggs in the house from all the free/.99 a dozen I have in the fridge.  Milk purchased earlier in the month, as well as vegetable oil gotten during Shoprite Can Can sale.  Basically, no money spent on the cake.

Butter in freezer, powdered sugar, vanilla and cocoa in pantry all from previous purchases.   Again, no money spent to make this sweet treat.

Cake is cooling now.  Hopefully it will be delish!

Has anyone else noticed that the flyers this week are really nothing impressive?  I mean, $1.99 a dozen eggs is a special price?  Not finding many meat deals either.  I did take an .89 a pound chicken out of the freezer, as well as a very small beef round roast (from our grass fed Meriden raised cow) for future meals this week.  I also will make a minestrone soup with the stock I made yesterday from the short rib bones.

We have a house guest arriving who will stay for 10 days.  An added expense, but we have this visitor at least 5 times a year, so we know what to expect.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Sad ending to the week

I don't have anything frugal or happy to share except that I salvaged the bones from the beef short ribs and made stock.  Everyone else in the family (including DD boyfriend) enjoyed them.  I wasn't that impressed, but I'm overly picky about meat.  Happy I got 12 quarts of stock.

A dear friend, whose daughter I am especially close to (and who is also a fiddle student) died early Thursday morning.  Though it was expected, it still hurts.  Wake was last night, funeral this afternoon.  I taught around the events.

My DH, who I again say is a Saint, knows me better than I know myself.  He recognized that I was having panic/anxiety attacks when I was just feeling  (so I thought)  exhausted and irritable.  Though I didn't even think I was thinking of my friend, as he spoke to me I realized he was correct.   I'm feeling an empty sadness as I write this.  My chest hurts, aches more for the children and husband left behind, then my own loss.  I loved my friends sassy attitude, even with her devastating diagnosis, she was quick to say FU cancer.  I'm happy that she went quickly, just seven or so months from diagnosis.   I'm happy that she looked semi herself when she died.  I am grateful that my own past illness was caught early and I'm still here.

We didn't send flowers to the funeral home, but instead wrote a check to the Children's fund that was established (three children total).  We sent what we would have spent on the flowers.  I also decided that this wasn't enough, and we agreed I would donate my time from April through August for her lessons as well as her participation in our annual Rock Intensive that this family always looked forward to their daughter participating in.   I will write a note to the family and give it to them on Monday (with a copy to our office manager so she doesn't goof and send them a bill)

I wish I could do more.  I will try to spend girl time with her, when she wants to.  She is starting High School next year.  I made her Mother a promise to always be there for her.  I just don't know what my role is.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Banana Bread and Short Ribs

As always, I prep the ingredients for my Banana bread the night before, then I just mix and bake.  I have the recipe memorized, and I make it (with varying fruits if available) and it lasts for a few days.  Today's was frozen bananas, slivered almonds and a quarter cup chocolate chips.

The main production today was the short ribs.  I browned the meat in olive oil on all sides, and then put them over three pounds of sliced onions in the large oval crockpot.  I added 2 cups of beef stock, Worcestershire Sauce, garlic and black ground pepper.  Expensive production, even with the discounts.  A real treat, almost $29.00 (including borth, spices, and onions.  They smelled divine as I browned them, and after 2 hours in the crockpot.  A total of 18 ribs.

DH and Dad ate them for dinner.  I tasted one just now.  I wasn't that impressed.  I'm not a big beef eater, but I was disappointed.  Very fatty.  Almost grisly.  And I noticed there were plenty left.

The coleslaw (made from half of the .19 cents a pound cabbage) was delicious.  I was delighted with that.

So, not something I will make again.  Too expensive and very little meat.  At least my Father enjoyed them, and will enjoy them again tomorrow.

Tuesday Grocery Shopping

Shoprite today, before coupons 64.94, I paid 33.62.  I got 3 pounds of Lamberti chicken sausage (Italian style) on managers special as it was dated tomorrow for $7.32.  There is the sausage to go with yesterday’s peppers!  Escarole that looked great for 50 cents a pound.  That is currently in the crockpot with some lentils, onions, small white beans and some leftover beef broth.  This 8 quart soup cost me under $2.00 to make.  Nice!  Eggs for .99 cents, 3 pounds of onions .99, pound of strawberries for .99 and 10 of DH yocrunch yogurts on sale 10 for $5.00 minus a dollar coupon. 

Next stop Big Y.  Only planned on getting sugar free pancake syrup (2.00) Buy 1 get 2 free 10 oz mushrooms (2.69) and 5 more DD favorite muller yogurt (5.00-2.00=3)  But always on the lookout, I saw beef short ribs (something we have never had) marked down with each package marked with a $2.00 coupon.  Total spent 35.71 and will get 50 cents back from checkout 51 for the yogurt. 

Final stop of the day, Stop and Shop.  I spent a total of $25.30.  I got a 50 ounce Wisk for $1.49 after SS coupon and Manufacturer coupon.  A splurge was a 2 serving frozen package of Bumble Bee shrimp (7.99 minus 1.00 coupon plus 4x the gas points for this item) Cabbage at .19 a pound (1.00 spent and will get 20% back from savingstar) Four cans of green giant corn at .50 a can (DH will only eat this brand of canned corn) Two 20 ounce packages of Shady Brook Farm 93% ground turkey at $4.99 each and a 3 pound package of Halo tangerines on sale with a dollar coupon AND I will get 75 cents from Ibotta.    As I typed this out, I got the notice that the 75 cents was already in my Ibotta account.  I LOVE saving money.  The goal for all of these Ibotta/SavingsStar/Checkout 51 is to someday have enough in my account to do my entire month of grocery shopping.  Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Walgreens and Balance Rewards

I’m trying to get more into the balance rewards program at Walgreens.  I want to save up my points to use for snacks for our Sunday adventures.  I’m also trying to combine sale/coupons and getting rewards in the same trip.  

If you use a digital pedometer (I use a fitbit one) you can connect it to your balance reward and earn 30 points for each mile you walk.  13000 of my points so far have been earned just by walking!

So, I purchased only items we use regularly that were able to give me the most ‘bang for my buck”.

I purchased 12 pounds total of Domino Sugar totaling 5.67.

Two bottles of Listerine on Sale for 3.99 each with a dollar off each.  Irish Spring body scrub two bottles at @ 7.00-2.00 coupons to get $4.00 register reward back on my next purchase.  I also bought my favorite allergy eye drops on sale for 7.99 – 3.00 and earned 2000 balance rewards points. A Mens deodorant for .99 after sale/coupon.   I also had a coupon if you spent 25 (I spent 27.96) you would get 5000 balance rewards.  So I earned 7000 balance rewards (7.00) I used 7.00 in coupons and I got a register reward of 4.00 in hand.  I currently have 25080 balance rewards points (25 dollars) and 4 in register rewards to spend.  Not bad!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Reduced Produce Possiblities

Would you turn down fresh produce that is 50 - 75 percent cheaper than normal prices?  NO!  Either would I.    But getting quality is the key, and not always easy to do.

I go to a local produce market.  Locally owned and operated, it's a one location grocer.  Very small inventory.  I'm learning that Mondays are the day they pack up the less than prime fruits and veggies to go to their discount corner.

You need to be prepared to get what ever still looks good, and prep/cook it the same day.

Today I got one and a half pounds of yams for .49 a pound.  That's enough for a sweet potato/carrot soup this week.  I paid .77 cents!  I already have carrots and onions.  One box of chicken stock and I can make 8 quarts of veggie soup.  Total would be less than $3.00 for the entire pot!

Green peppers.  Only one had one little brown spot.  Two and a half pounds at $1.49 a pound.  Total spent $3.79.  Enough cut into strips for onions/peppers side dish or to accompany some sausage if I find a good price this week.  Enough diced and in the freezer for a chili dish later in the month.  Ends saved to go into a stock pot in the future (I freeze all carrot ends, onion skins and other veggie odds/ends)

Next, yellow squash and zucchini.  Perfectly fine.  Just shy of two pounds.  89 cents a pound.  Less than in season prices!  Total spent $1.70 and it's all chunked up to be sauteed with olive oil and garlic this evening by DH!

Finally Bananas.  I never pay usual price in the grocery store of .69 a pound.  I might sometimes buy 'cream of the crop' bananas at BJ's warehouse for .49 a pound.   Today at the produce market they had perfectly fine singles (some still green) bundled together for .39 a pound.  2.34 pounds cost me .91.  These will be for eating as snacks, and if there are any left I can make a quick bread.  If there aren't any left I still have some bananas in the freezer that were definitely baking ready.

Tltal spent for all this produce?  $7.17.    Enough to use in at least 5 savory meals (with multiple servings) plus snacking and perhaps a dessert.

I feel accomplished today...........

Thursday, March 6, 2014

First week in March shopping and leftovers

Total spent so far this month $164.30.  Some of it was cat items.  I also gassed up the truck and the bomb.  I think I can get away with one truck fill up and two bomb fill ups.  I've been driving the Ford Focus wagon (aka bomb) more then our newest vehicle.  Trying to save mileage and general wear and tear.  Surprisingly, the older, close to 120k vehicle runs hotter, I enjoy the heat factor.  Still think that it odd that the crossover 2012 vehicle doesn't get good heat.  Could be it's so big?   DH is driving his what I call midlife crisis car (sport car) and he is responsible for gassing that up.

20 cans goya beans at big y on sale .69 each   13.80 spent BUT regular price registered with Savings Star so already at 20 spent on goya, getting 5 back So 8.80 spent to get almost 19 lbs of canned beans (18.75 lbs.)  $5.00 is already in my account with Saving Star.  Niiiiiiice.

 Shoprite on 5/5 came to 33.77-12 (dad’s request for grapefruit juice and he paid for the four simply grapefruit on sale 2 for 5.98) Got 2 of Jay’s pretzels for free again (now out of coupons) Eggs for 99 Romaine for 99 and a free box of pasta as well as $1.00 off of produce (so, that makes the romaine free in my eyes)   Cucumbers and Tomatoes totaling 5.80 were for his Masons lodge meeting as well as salad dressing (3.99) plus salad mix from BJ’s at 2.00.    Total for Masons spent 12.00.  Not sure if I will get that back or not.    Got $1.00 back already from Ibotta on yogurt, Bought 5 muller yogurts and had 2.00 off coupon (like getting 2 for free!) and 20% back on tomatoes (savings star .76) and 50 cents on gallon of milk (checkout 51)  I’ll take it!

We spent $55.00 at T and J Market in East Haven for ground beef (chili yesterday) and other meat items as well as snacks for DH to enjoy during the Oscars.

 Bj’s was all food stuffs, but not necessities.  Hopefully will last til end of month, egg whites, Thomas english muffins (two bags of 9 muffins each), guacamole, onions, mushrooms, pita chips, tortilla chips, 2 cases water, breakfast burritos (gotta start making these and freezing myself)

Still have some chili with beans left, so I'm going to adjust my serving size from 16 to 20!    Very good numbers.  I now think each serving was under 70 cents each!   

Also still have some 'fake baked potato soup' left.  Probably 4 cups left.  

DH cooked our last .98 cent turkey breast.  Dad and I both had some, (cat stole the wing from me!) and I carved the rest of the meat off for slices, then picked every bit off the carcass.  Now it's in the crockpot on high with a bag of frozen veggie peelings (carrot, celery ends, onion skins and some green pepper too!)  All the picked meat, sliced carrots, celery and onions are ready to go into the broth in the morning.  I love soup, will even make it in the heat of summer.  

How are you saving money this week?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chili on a dime (or maybe a $12)

Chili is always a favorite in our house.  I made two crock pots of chili, One (the round) with beans, and the other (oval) without.

It served 4 meals so far (7  servings DH 2, Gpa 3, DD and myself 1) and I anticipate the same today (7 servings DH 2, Gpa 3, DD and myself 1)  Maybe 1 or two servings left after that, but I doubt it.  So, let's say 14 servings.  $1.34 a serving for 14 servings.  That's ok I guess.

I used 2 lbs of ground beef, 80%, store bought, but not what I consider a sale price at 3.99 per pound.  $8.12 spent.  3 Cans of Goya beans 2.10.  3 Onions (from stockpile purchased in February) Leftovers of a large jug of salsa (stockpile from late January/February), 2 Rotel Cans (purchased for pennies in November), 3 Cans of Tuttoroso Tomatoes from the January Can Can Sale (1.50) and two packets of Ortega low sodium chili seasoning (1.00)

I also made a cornbread with a free Jiffy mix (received the Savings from Savingstar just this morning) and the leftovers from a can of corn I found in the fridge.  One egg, 1/3 cup of milk.  So we will say that it cost me 25 cents (I usually get my eggs free or close to free)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Money Saver Text from Target! and more planned purchases.

Text the SPRING TO 827438.  This is a great code, that will give you a scan on your phone to give to the cashier at target.  You can save assorted things, but I especially like the $1 on fruit, $1 on vegetable and $1 on meat.  Have fun seeing how much you can get for how little.

Stop and Shop today I bought 5 lbs of carrots for 3.59 (got my .25 back from checkout 51 already) a pepper for $1.59 (20 percent back from Savingstar) and two bottles of All detergent for just 1.98 plus tax!

Walgreens picked up a script and now have over 20k balance reward points.  Not only do I gain points for planned purchases, but also for walking (my fitbit one is registered with Walgreens)

Big Y for 20 dollars worth of goya products, five dollars back from savingstar.

All in all, less than 30 out of pocket today and getting almost 6 back.  Not bad.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Activities

I have really been enjoying blogging, and reading ctonabudget and ctbargainmom on blogspot.  Thank you ladies, you are an inspiration!

I have been fighting a migraine all day, I think it's residual from the drama at the studio this week.  The medication I take for it does knock out the pain, but I usually feel 'out of it' and the headache peeks, meaning it let's me know that it could come back any time.  The med also makes me feel even colder than normal, I think it does something to the blood vessels.

I've done three loads of laundry and put it all away.

Today (and most Sunday's) I go with my husband to his warehouse so he can scan and send to the main warehouse his drivers paperwork from the Saturday deliveries.

Before we left I cooked up 6 oz of butterball low sodium turkey bacon (paid 7 cents after sale/coupon shoprite!), a package of premio chicken breakfast sausage (purchased on sale AND with an 'almost at sell by date" $2.00 coupon.  I think I paid 1.90 for that.  I also cooked a 10 oz box of jones turkey sausage links (free after sale/coupon also shoprite!)  The purpose of this 'meatathon' was to feed DH and Grandpa and myself as well as to taste test.  All three of us agreed the premio was the best.  The balance of the meats will be eaten throughout the week.  Well, hopefully for at least 2 more meals for 3 or 4 people.  I know that's a stretch (Grandpa forgets that he's eaten sometimes, and eats again)  but hopefully.   I also made two eggs for DH and myself.

We then went to the warehouse, then to Walgreens (everything there was on sale, and we earned 3000 balance reward points too)  Total spent $13.00.   $7.00 was a cream for his cracked hands that got very good ratings, the rest was candy.....more on that below.

As today is the Academy Awards, my DH as preoccupied with TV all day.  This is his Super Bowl.  It makes me smile that he gets so excited, computer on, comparing previous winners, we discuss movies, actors/actresses.  I have learned to appreciate his enthusiasm.  I myself can't sit still long enough to go to the movies very often, and I can only name two movies that have really excited me/moved me.  But he loves this day of television, and I try to make it the day of ritual that he has already made it years before I was a part of his world.

Which means, in a nutshell, he eats junk.  Chinese food (only spent $10.00, he got a combo meal, I had a treat of wonton soup)

I also made 'fake baked potato soup' which is really cauliflower, onions, shallots, chives, leeks, celery, 2 tbspn of butter, black pepper, one box of chicken stock (no homemade stock left right now) 1/4 cup of bacon bits (hormel large bag from bj's warehouse) and 1/4 cup of cheddar cheese shredded.

I took stock of what meat we have left in the freezer.  Not much.  I did take out a turkey breast (last one) to defrost, and I picked up a large package of ground beef from T&J Market in East Haven.  We are just starting to know this store, and I feel they have good prices without needing a shopping card.  Also picked up more 'junk food' for my husbands day.  He wanted Fritos (we only buy these once a year) with cream cheese.

I made shopping lists for Shoprite (will spend 30 dollars) and Big Y (will spend less than 20)  I will have coupons for every item at  Shoprite (also use checkout 51 for carrots/orange juice/milk and 20% off of green peppers and 9.99 for 20 lbs of  goya rice towards 5 off of goya through savings star)         Big Y is just 15 cans of goya beans, on sale for 69 cents a can....this will finish my $20.00 purchase to get $5 from savings star.

No great deals at CVS or stop and shop for my needs so i won't go there this week.

I tweaked the studio newsletter and chose some music for the summer intensive.

I'm really trying not to fret too much about the changes at the studio.  I have three great coteachers still (the one who quit was only with us since October, and only 4 hours a week)  I just feel for the 8 students who have had three different teachers for this particular instrument in a year.  I have made the decision that we just can't seem to depend on the type of person that teaches this instrument, so we won't offer it anymore.  It also frustrates me that two of these three previous teachers didn't honor the contract agreement they signed or really cared about these children.

Expenses have risen, but income has changed.  I have decided too, that I will offer 3 more hours of my life to potential students.  That will almost clear the gap (if I have takers, they will be late offerings)    I also added some morning group classes.

Oh boy, this was supposed to be about all my Sunday activity, and I got off on a work tangent.  Sorry to my readers.  Tell me what you do on a Sunday!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Well, income has changed...........

Between studio quits (both student and teacher) my household income has now gone down by $800.00 this month.   I'm emotionally drained............  But the teacher quit is really for the best.  Too much energy spent on keeping him calm and happy.   Tomorrow will be another day to try money saving strategies.