Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wings, Chili, Pizza, Football and FREE MUSIC

Are you ready for some football?  The actual sport is not something my DH and I normally get involved in (I'm happy I was never a TV sport widow like some of my friends)  We do watch the Superbowl (commercials and halftime mainly) the Olympics (they start soon too!) and we are active in actual Fencing events (DH is a fencer and has coached).  So today for us was mainly a reason to cook some fun items.

Chili!  Ground Beef/Ground Pork/Ground Veal combo, fresh onions, Hunts Diced tomatoes with celery/onion/pepper, fresh green/yellow/red pepper, one packet of Old El Paso low sodium chili spice mix, some sweet BADA chili powder and a cup of jarred salsa.  After the meat was browned and drained it all went guessed it!  My Crock Pot.

The wings were then prepped.  BJ's package, 6 cryovac packages of 5 wings each.  DH split the wings, seasoned them and then threw them on the grill for about 5-6 minutes.  Then we finished them off in the oven then tossing them with mild and hot buffalo sauce.

Then DH started the prep for pizzas!  We were gifted a Breville Pizza Maker from Williams Sonoma, it's a wonderful kitchen tool.
 We aren't much into useless gadgets, but this one we have used at least 6 times since receiving it at Christmas.  DH made an olive/mozz pizza and a mozz.  Nice and bubbly, so delicious.

But before all the food, I checked my email and got a very interesting offer from Sam Ash.  Only good from Noon to 5 pm today, $15.00 off of ANYTHING.  Since DH has been wanting a concertina book (a squeeze box, button accordion), I showed him the offer, we read it and reread it, and since we had to gas up our 'bomb' vehicle we took a quick ride into Woodbridge.
It wasn't a scam!  They GAVE us a 12.99 book.  We didn't even pay tax.  Well worth the extra 15 minutes in the car to give DH a book right away instead of ordering.   So, watch your inbox for other great offers from Sam Ash.  I was impressed.  

And now the rest of the Superbowl.  Currently Seahawks are up 29 to 0.  

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