Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shoprite Savings (still available)

If you have any coupons that read (amount) off of ANY Minute Rice, run to Shop - Rite before they close on Saturday.  I had 4 (50 cents) off of any Minute Rice.  They have 10 ounce bags of FROZEN Minute Rice Steamers for 77 cents!   I got brown rice (40 ounces total) for free.  I like that I can bring these to work with some steamed veggies.   They had white rice as well as veggies already mixed with rice and cheese sauce.  Think of the possibilities.  

I also got my DH some of the Super Pretzel bites (he likes these as a snack with mustard) for free with 50 cent coupons doubled.  

Remember that Shop Rite limits you to each variety (if they have 4 different kinds of something on sale you can get 4 of each kind)

Try to get in on some good deals!

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