Sunday, February 16, 2014

Savingstar, Checkout 51, Ibotta, Saving Money in General

I started really trying to find some new ways to save money besides the coupon clipping, rebate sending, use it up or use it out way of thinking.

I have been hitting the freezer and pantry more often then running to the store.  Making do or doing without.

I started listening to some podcasts while I walk that have to do with being frugal, stretching your money, etc etc.   I wanted to share with you some that I already knew, and some that are new to me!  Every one of these apps/websites I like because I can still use coupons in the store, and these apps are like the cherry on the sundae.

I already knew about Savingstar, and even had it on my Iphone, but never really got into it.  After listening to a podcast on the very topics I've listed in my title, I thought I'd give it another look.   Check it out here

You create a free account, and scan all your loyalty cards to your local stores (you can check their site to make sure your stores participate, but it looks like all stores with a loyalty program are involved).  It's also part of the company upromise.

I love that Savingstar is now offering a healthy option each Tuesday.  This weeks was 20% off of up to $10.00 (max refund $2.00) on loose Navel Oranges.  I spent $6.00.  They also have a completely free item each Friday, last week I did the Arm and Hammer Baking Soda.

 The negative is that it takes almost a month to show your savings in your account, though the cash out compared to other apps is low, just $5.00.

 So, right now I'm waiting to see if I get about $2.50 credited to my account, so I will wait and see.  I will continue to do the healthy produce options on Tuesdays, as I always buy produce, so it would just be an added bonus to get some money back on that item.  Payout is through Paypal, Bank Account, Amazon gift card or it looks like you can donate the money.

I am very excited about Checkout 51.

  You can purchase items at ANY store (as long as they are one of the products that are listed) snap a photo of your receipt, upload it, and the money is in your account within 48 hours.  I just did my first receipt.  It was for a freebie of $2.00 for joining, and .25 off of broccoli.  These are the type of deals I like, money back on produce.  I uploaded my receipt, money was in my account within 5 hours.  Cash out is higher with this program, $20.00.  So I will keep plugging along.   Here is their link for you to investigate it yourself.

I was doing Ibotta for a while, but now am finding more and more cleaning or prepackaged/heavily processed foods, so I'm retreating a bit.  You buy your product, (make sure it matches exactly)

Upload a photo of your receipt AND scan the UPC's of the items you purchaesd.  They were always quick in processing receipts.  You can cash out with as little as $5.00, but if you hold out to $20.00 you get bonus offers.  You can also delete items from your cue, but I'm not sure that means they will add more for you to choose from.  They have had some produce, and usually have milk every week.  A few organic or gluten free items, but processed one's, not fresh.   Only good at certain stores, including Home Depot/Lowes and local Eatery's.  Read more about this money saving app here.

Just to give you notification, I am currently not getting any referrals, I'm noticing that other bloggers are stating that links on their site are referral links, meaning they receive compensation some how.  I'm not that savvy, just want to share some exciting new money saving ideas with my readers.  If there are any of you out there, lol.

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