Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ham Vegetable Soup and errands........

I walked into this at 730 this morning.   The smell was amazing........

I strained it and it looked like this
I then chopped white potato, sweet potato, onion, celery, carrots

Final addition was the ham that I had removed from the bone last night
and it all ended up looking like this
I would say the entire cost of this 8 quarts of soup is less than $5.  Some would say free as it was made from things I had already priced out in other deals.  I say it's delicious!   It will be ready for my Dad's lunchtime. 

Enjoy this white day everyone!  More ice and snow to start tonight.  Tomorrow will be a roasting/baking day if I end up staying home.  

Tuesday is always errand today.   Today was a full circle, BJ's warehouse (I got another of the .99 a lb spiral cut hams, only 2 left people!) some OTC meds we needed to replenish, carrots and mushrooms.  $44.00 cash.  As I know the hams were originally 2.89 a lb I figure the savings right there was over $20.00.  I know we will get at least 16 servings plus several soup/casserole recipes out of it I am pleased. 

PETCO was next, our kittie takes thyroid medication now, and I give it to her with a soft treat.  They were on sale 2 for 6 and we give her a crunchy snack when she brings us a mouse, those were on sale for $2.00 the larger bag.  I also had a high value coupon for Pro Plan dry cat food.  Total before sale/coupons 25.31, I paid $7.71. 

Final stop, Target.  I love that they combine their own coupons with manufacturer's coupons, as well as the shopping cart deals.  Today was a combo studio and household items.  I'll separate it out.  Peets 16 k cup box final cost 8.99, regularly 12.00.  Afrin on Sale 5.49 less target 1.50 less manufacturers 3.00 final cost .99 cents.  Hidden Valley range singles (for DH lunch box) never a frugal purchase I know, but he throws his lunchbox around, and the small reusable containers have ended up opening on more than one occasion, so we choose this non frugal but non frustrating option for his veggies in his work lunch.  2 boxes of 8 after coupons 7.33.  That's enough for a month.  Final deal, 2 bags of Alexia sweet potato fries, with target and manufacturers coupon total for both bags 2.58.   Other purchases were for the studio, so I won't include them here.  

Are you getting ready for the next snow storm?

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