Friday, February 14, 2014

Beef Shank Soup

We bought part of a locally raised steer a few months ago.  Grass Fed in Meriden CT!  We have had ground beef, steaks, roasts, heart.  Soup Shank was what I defrosted this time.  Tonight I browned the soup shank (seasoned with freshly ground pepper and kosher salt), had my larger crock pot out and on high.  Threw in carrot peelings, onion peelings and left over frozen celery.  Added more ground pepper.  Added the shank. Going to let it go over night.  

Woke up to this

I added sliced carrots (5 lb. bag purchased for 2.99 at shoprite), onions, the meat shredded from the shank and celery.  A discounted bag of Danielle pasta (1.29 from produce market) in a shape I have never seen before.  I know, not a great price, but wanted to have something different, and we rarely eat pasta.  I also added 4 shakes of Lea and Perrins, more ground pepper and a bit of sea salt.

It turned out delicious!

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