Sunday, January 26, 2014

Today was a spend day, and that's ok

Today was the first day in two weeks I felt rested and healthy.  Though DH had to work, he was home by 9 a.m. with a Starbucks Venti in hand for me (this is my one vice and almost daily guilty pleasure)  I am so lucky that my many students know my love for SB, and I was blessed with many gift cards for the holiday.  I also have a card registered with  Every 12th one is free, and I use this to treat my Saturday co-teacher to her fancy coffee drink.  I get it black with two pumps sugar free vanilla.   I also use the deals they email me often, so I still try to get the bargain.

We watched CBS Sunday morning, a ritual if we are both home together.

I baked a pumpkin/pecan quick bread.  Williams Sonoma mix that was a gift.  Needed one stick of unsalted butter and two eggs.  It was a sweet treat.

I messed up two of my subcontractors 1099's, and haven't gotten my orders from the IRS.  So, we made our first at Staples, and I unfortunately had to pay $20.20 for an 18 pack of forms, the smallest one they had.  I have been stressing about this, as the deadline of January 31, 2014 to get the forms out is looming.  Lesson learned?  Order way more than I need way in advance this year, so that I don't have to spend cash.

We purchased meat just once this month; choosing to eat out of the freezer, and I have only gone to the produce market and gotten loss leader sales at Shop-Rite, so we splurged and went to Joey Garlics in Newington.  Portions are huge.  We brought half of my meatball salad, most of the fried onions and two of DH's meatball sliders home.  I did finish my bowl of Italian Wedding Soup.  Total with tip, $40.00.

Next Stop, Mickey Finns.  We have never been there.  Prices were MUCH BETTER than Bob's.  DH got a pair of warm work gloves (we hope, they were made for warehouse work in subzero temps) for 14.99, A pair of Carhartt jeans for 26.00 and a pair of Black Dickies for 24.00 and a new pair of Merrill work shoes for 79.00.  Paid cash.

We came home, and I got the shopping lists ready for tomorrow or Tuesday.  I plan on hitting Shop-Rite, Big Y and Target.  Goal will be under $150 total.  Fingers crossed.

Last splurge today will be going to Cine 4 to see Nebraska.  Tickets will be $19.00, and I'm sure another 10 for DH snacks.  Since we have really had a low spend month, I am not feeling guilty for this spend day.  What about you?  Do you ever enjoy a spend day, without guilt?

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