Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This weeks deals

This blog is a record of how I am trying to save money by feeding my family of 4.  DH is in his 50's.  DD is almost 21.  My Dad lives with us too.   My goal is to save $1000.00 a month by NOT overspending on groceries anymore.  Making every penny count!

Was very excited to find spiral cut hams marked down to .99 a lb yesterday with DH.  Only bought one as we have no room in freezer for another.  I still will use the bone for soup, and save some of the meat diced for other recipes.

Today got a Shop Rite trip down to 35 from 90. My DH made me realize last week that there was a NEW shop rite right in the next town over (East Haven).  I was going to the one in Wallingford near my business.  This new one was so nice, produce and meat department much neater and fresher.  Such a pleasant experience.  Every item had a coupon except for the large tub of oatmeal I purchased. 3 large cans Canned tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, 10 yogurts, 3 packages of dishwasher gelpacs, 4 cartons lemonade, 3 cans of olives, grated cheese, 18 count eggs, Breyers ice cream, salad dressing, 3 jars of salsa.  Not a well balanced trip, but we have been eating meat out of the freezer.  The only fresh meat purchases have been the ham and some boneless chicken tenders at BJ's yesterday.

After getting all the items put away I diced up the leftover pork roast and froze it for a hearty pork stew later in the month.

I hope that I inspire others with my posts, if not, I'll have a record of how I have saved money.

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