Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A typical errand day Tuesday, and what I have accomplished so far today.

First thing, always do errands in a circle.  Never back and forth across town.  I always do a full circle from home and back.

This was my Tuesday morning:

Since I was out of the house early heading towards the produce market, I of course stopped into Starbucks.  This is my one vice.  I am blessed that so many students gift me cards to this coffee shop.  No they aren't cheap.  But I do enjoy good coffee.  I did 'cut back' to two a week instead of daily, and my DH said, you never spend money on yourself, and you do get a free one each 12 (which I use that free one to treat my coteacher on Saturdays, we start at 730 am!).  So I use my gift cards until they run out.  The fun part is they know my order, so I can just great my Barista while they make 'my usual', which is a black coffee with two pumps of sugar free vanilla.

I then went to the produce market, as DH requested a sub.  Once a week treat for him.  Sometimes he gets meatball, sometimes steak, yesterday was turkey.  I spent a total of 17.00 dollars, which included his sub, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, celery, leeks, two tomatoes a bag of pasta in an unusual shape.

Next, Big Y.  23.00 spent.  2 large butterball turkey breasts at .98 cents a lb and 2 twelve packs of Sunkist Orange Soda, buy one get one free.  Meat went into freezer for future meals.

Last stop, Target.  Everyone who has a smart phone should check for target codes (I will start posting them here) to text to corporate to in turn get back some very good coupons.  I spent a total of $5.73 at target yesterday.  I purchased 4 Glade wax melts (on clearance as they were winter scents) a pound of baby carrots, 4 bananas, a pound of ground beef and a colgate toothbrush.  I used two manufacturers coupons for the Glade products (it was like getting almost two of the four completely free) and I had the cashier scan my smart phone for the UPC that was sent to me from target.  I got a dollar off the bananas (free!) toothbrush (free!) carrots (.44 cents) and ground beef (1.88!).  Not a bad haul.  Here is the receipt.

I did all of these four stops in an hour and a half.  I then got home, and started meal prep.

I had gotten a rotisserie chicken on Monday, which three people had meals from.  On Monday night, I picked all the remaining meat off, and put the carcass in my largest crockpot on high and filled it with water, a bag of vegetable peelings from freezer (I always save onion skins, carrot peelings and celery ends for this very task), pepper corns and let it run overnight.  When I got home from errands I strained everything out and had a wonderful stock.  I added leeks (I saved the root end and put it in a glass of water) and scallions (which continually grow on my counter in a glass of water) as well as the remaining chicken shreds, and half a pound of carrots.  Soup is in the making!  I make at least three different from scratch soups a week.

I made a dozen buttermilk biscuits as well as a banana/coconut oil/slivered almonds/gluten free bread.

I reorganized the freezer to see what else we had, and to make plans for the future.

I arrived at the studio for teaching by 1 p.m.  That was all yesterday!

Today so far I've done three loads of laundry, cleaned bathroom, written a studio blog post regarding practice, stripped and made the bed, helped my DD make an online purchase, advise her on an online job application, write a studio newsletter and have a phone meeting with a co-educator.  And it's only Noon.!

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