Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spending 54 cents earned me $6.19!. Plus Big Y and Dinner

As mentioned in a previous post, I was planning on going back to Shop-Rite to try and get (two) 12 packs of Marcal toilet paper for 54 cents.  Well.............I DID IT!

The Toilet paper was on sale for 4.88 each.  I had a 1.25 and a 1.50 manufacturer coupons, and I had kickbacks of 6.00 and 1.50 making my bill 54 cents!  Here is the proof. 

But it got better!

I got two kickbacks, one for $4.00 off of $40.00 and Free eggs (up to 2.19) when you spend $10.00
Triple Score!

Thank you Shop-Rite!

On another note, the B1G2 or B1G1 sale is on at Big Y
I spent $64.00 (mainly canned and dairy, but did get the lobster meat B1G2)
No other meat was purchased.  
I saved 89.46 between their sale prices and my manufacturers coupons.
Also used a recyclebank $10.00 off of $60.00

Hubby made a meatloaf (with Target purchased ground pork and ground beef, both purchased on sale and with a Target text $1.00 off fresh meat coupon) as well as a tossed salad.  Left over buttermilk biscuits and banana bread rounded out the meal.  

We are planning to have people over for Super Bowl, will share the menu in next post, as well 
as the big meat trip (Including Zaycon chicken adventure with a new friend next week)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A typical errand day Tuesday, and what I have accomplished so far today.

First thing, always do errands in a circle.  Never back and forth across town.  I always do a full circle from home and back.

This was my Tuesday morning:

Since I was out of the house early heading towards the produce market, I of course stopped into Starbucks.  This is my one vice.  I am blessed that so many students gift me cards to this coffee shop.  No they aren't cheap.  But I do enjoy good coffee.  I did 'cut back' to two a week instead of daily, and my DH said, you never spend money on yourself, and you do get a free one each 12 (which I use that free one to treat my coteacher on Saturdays, we start at 730 am!).  So I use my gift cards until they run out.  The fun part is they know my order, so I can just great my Barista while they make 'my usual', which is a black coffee with two pumps of sugar free vanilla.

I then went to the produce market, as DH requested a sub.  Once a week treat for him.  Sometimes he gets meatball, sometimes steak, yesterday was turkey.  I spent a total of 17.00 dollars, which included his sub, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, celery, leeks, two tomatoes a bag of pasta in an unusual shape.

Next, Big Y.  23.00 spent.  2 large butterball turkey breasts at .98 cents a lb and 2 twelve packs of Sunkist Orange Soda, buy one get one free.  Meat went into freezer for future meals.

Last stop, Target.  Everyone who has a smart phone should check for target codes (I will start posting them here) to text to corporate to in turn get back some very good coupons.  I spent a total of $5.73 at target yesterday.  I purchased 4 Glade wax melts (on clearance as they were winter scents) a pound of baby carrots, 4 bananas, a pound of ground beef and a colgate toothbrush.  I used two manufacturers coupons for the Glade products (it was like getting almost two of the four completely free) and I had the cashier scan my smart phone for the UPC that was sent to me from target.  I got a dollar off the bananas (free!) toothbrush (free!) carrots (.44 cents) and ground beef (1.88!).  Not a bad haul.  Here is the receipt.

I did all of these four stops in an hour and a half.  I then got home, and started meal prep.

I had gotten a rotisserie chicken on Monday, which three people had meals from.  On Monday night, I picked all the remaining meat off, and put the carcass in my largest crockpot on high and filled it with water, a bag of vegetable peelings from freezer (I always save onion skins, carrot peelings and celery ends for this very task), pepper corns and let it run overnight.  When I got home from errands I strained everything out and had a wonderful stock.  I added leeks (I saved the root end and put it in a glass of water) and scallions (which continually grow on my counter in a glass of water) as well as the remaining chicken shreds, and half a pound of carrots.  Soup is in the making!  I make at least three different from scratch soups a week.

I made a dozen buttermilk biscuits as well as a banana/coconut oil/slivered almonds/gluten free bread.

I reorganized the freezer to see what else we had, and to make plans for the future.

I arrived at the studio for teaching by 1 p.m.  That was all yesterday!

Today so far I've done three loads of laundry, cleaned bathroom, written a studio blog post regarding practice, stripped and made the bed, helped my DD make an online purchase, advise her on an online job application, write a studio newsletter and have a phone meeting with a co-educator.  And it's only Noon.!

Monday, January 27, 2014

More stocking up

Today was another Shop-Rite adventure, this time with my DH in tow.  

It was a stock up/replenish visit.  I kept mainly to the list in hand and we spent $70.20

Before we left, we went through the spice cabinet and purged.  We replaced four items, and though we bought the smaller containers which really are note cost effective (I explained to him I could larger elsewhere for less) he felt that we wouldn't use the products up fast enough, which was why we purged in the first place, items were past their prime.  So, I agreed, and we went $12.00 over my original spend limit.

We bought 4 more huge packs of paper towels (sparkle and brawny) and I had a $1 coupon off each pack.  I also received a bounce back of $5 off your next purchase.

Butterball turkey bacon after coupon was just $0.16!

Two V8 Fusion (this is a splurge item) at 2.69 each with a $1.00 off.  Happily surprised to get a bounce back of $1.50 off your next purchase as well!

With these two bounce back's totaling 6.50 I will stop into the Shop-Rite in Wallingford on Thursday in between classes and see if they have the Marcal Small Steps for 4.88 that were out of stock in East Haven.

I would spend 51 cents on 24 rolls of toilet paper once I use the manufacturers and bounceback coupons!  What a deal!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Today was a spend day, and that's ok

Today was the first day in two weeks I felt rested and healthy.  Though DH had to work, he was home by 9 a.m. with a Starbucks Venti in hand for me (this is my one vice and almost daily guilty pleasure)  I am so lucky that my many students know my love for SB, and I was blessed with many gift cards for the holiday.  I also have a card registered with  Every 12th one is free, and I use this to treat my Saturday co-teacher to her fancy coffee drink.  I get it black with two pumps sugar free vanilla.   I also use the deals they email me often, so I still try to get the bargain.

We watched CBS Sunday morning, a ritual if we are both home together.

I baked a pumpkin/pecan quick bread.  Williams Sonoma mix that was a gift.  Needed one stick of unsalted butter and two eggs.  It was a sweet treat.

I messed up two of my subcontractors 1099's, and haven't gotten my orders from the IRS.  So, we made our first at Staples, and I unfortunately had to pay $20.20 for an 18 pack of forms, the smallest one they had.  I have been stressing about this, as the deadline of January 31, 2014 to get the forms out is looming.  Lesson learned?  Order way more than I need way in advance this year, so that I don't have to spend cash.

We purchased meat just once this month; choosing to eat out of the freezer, and I have only gone to the produce market and gotten loss leader sales at Shop-Rite, so we splurged and went to Joey Garlics in Newington.  Portions are huge.  We brought half of my meatball salad, most of the fried onions and two of DH's meatball sliders home.  I did finish my bowl of Italian Wedding Soup.  Total with tip, $40.00.

Next Stop, Mickey Finns.  We have never been there.  Prices were MUCH BETTER than Bob's.  DH got a pair of warm work gloves (we hope, they were made for warehouse work in subzero temps) for 14.99, A pair of Carhartt jeans for 26.00 and a pair of Black Dickies for 24.00 and a new pair of Merrill work shoes for 79.00.  Paid cash.

We came home, and I got the shopping lists ready for tomorrow or Tuesday.  I plan on hitting Shop-Rite, Big Y and Target.  Goal will be under $150 total.  Fingers crossed.

Last splurge today will be going to Cine 4 to see Nebraska.  Tickets will be $19.00, and I'm sure another 10 for DH snacks.  Since we have really had a low spend month, I am not feeling guilty for this spend day.  What about you?  Do you ever enjoy a spend day, without guilt?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Slow Cooker leftover soup

Today's way of saving was to throw together a leftover soup.  Into my crock pot (I use one of several different sizes at least twice a week) went a huge bowl of mashed potatoes, diced spiral cut ham, chives, an onion chopped, chopped celery and two boxes of low sodium organic chicken stock (I bought a ton on sale at Shop Rite earlier in the month for just $1.50 a 32 oz container) and some baby carrots.  Lots of freshly ground black pepper.  On low for 5 hours and stir.  Not my best work, but tasty.  My father enjoyed it. DH doesn't eat soup unless it's very thick like a chili or chowder.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

This week's protein choices

This week we have cooked a spiral cut ham (and my Dad has been putting a huge dent in it himself) as well as chicken tenders (some as strips for me to add to salad, and the rest as chicken fingers) 4 chicken thighs and 2 frozen fish fillets.  

Our hardest hurdle to not trip over is that sometimes my Dad (who I love dearly) eats to excess.  Though the three of us have had ham for one meal, he has mainly consumed the rest of it himself.  That's ok, as we have plenty....My frustration lies in the fact that he sometimes makes himself ill, and doesn't always make the best choices for health.

Currently we probably have enough ham for 2 more plates, 2 chicken thighs left, one portion of fish left and enough strips for one more salad.

I wasn't very frugal today, as DH wanted a sub from the local produce market (I love CT Natural Foods!)  I picked that up for him, a loaf of Bread and Chocolate Ciabatta earmarked for tonight's pasta with Victoria Sauce (3.99 for a 40 ounce jar from Shoprite's Can Can sale).  I myself will have some from the freezer eggplant and mushrooms that DH will put in the oven before I get home tonight (2 shifts of teaching today)  I also purchased 2 tomatoes, a cucumber and a small bag of popchips (a weakness!)  $20.43 spent.

As I am still feeling under the weather, I haven't done the planned coconut/banana bread baking.  I might make it tomorrow if I can get everything prepped tonight when I get back home.  I fear that DH is right, I have a sinus infection.  Haven't felt myself in over a week!

The last protein for the week is 2 packages of grass fed locally purchased ground beef I took from the freezer.  More than likely that will be for Saturday, and probably prepared as grilled burgers.  It should be enough for a meal with leftovers.

I also plan on visiting Big Y at some point in the next few days, they have turkey breasts at .98 cents a lb (limit 4).  I plan on getting all four if I can make enough room in the freezer.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This weeks deals

This blog is a record of how I am trying to save money by feeding my family of 4.  DH is in his 50's.  DD is almost 21.  My Dad lives with us too.   My goal is to save $1000.00 a month by NOT overspending on groceries anymore.  Making every penny count!

Was very excited to find spiral cut hams marked down to .99 a lb yesterday with DH.  Only bought one as we have no room in freezer for another.  I still will use the bone for soup, and save some of the meat diced for other recipes.

Today got a Shop Rite trip down to 35 from 90. My DH made me realize last week that there was a NEW shop rite right in the next town over (East Haven).  I was going to the one in Wallingford near my business.  This new one was so nice, produce and meat department much neater and fresher.  Such a pleasant experience.  Every item had a coupon except for the large tub of oatmeal I purchased. 3 large cans Canned tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, 10 yogurts, 3 packages of dishwasher gelpacs, 4 cartons lemonade, 3 cans of olives, grated cheese, 18 count eggs, Breyers ice cream, salad dressing, 3 jars of salsa.  Not a well balanced trip, but we have been eating meat out of the freezer.  The only fresh meat purchases have been the ham and some boneless chicken tenders at BJ's yesterday.

After getting all the items put away I diced up the leftover pork roast and froze it for a hearty pork stew later in the month.

I hope that I inspire others with my posts, if not, I'll have a record of how I have saved money.